Best place to live - Bangkok or Vientiane?

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Best place to live - Bangkok or Vientiane?

Postby JohnBKK » Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:46 pm

Hi all

I live in Bangkok and generally like it here, but sometimes I feel this city can be a little too much. The things I dislike about Bangkok is the crazy traffic, the polution and not to forget, Western inspired shopping centers being built everywhere. I know Vientiane has less of all the things I just mentioned, which is just great. But what I don't like about Vientiane is that I can't get all the comfort that I'm used to as a Westerner. So as you can tell, I'm undecided on the best city to live in, and want to ask you: is it Bangkok or Vientiane?
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Best place to live Bangkok or Vientiane

Postby Houtehul99 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:02 pm

What is the best place to live in Mexico after retirement? Is it Ensenada or Merida or any other ??
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Re: Best place to live - Bangkok or Vientiane?

Postby BukHooKee » Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:56 am

I would have to say to stay in Thailand. If you are used to a western lifestyle then Laos is not the place for you to live. Bangkok is also not the best place to live in Thailand. There are plenty of other small cities to live in Thailand besides Bangkok. I actually prefer Pattaya cause of the beach and all the things you can do there. I think you are just bored from living in Bangkok for too long. Take trips to nearby places like Vientiane to satisfy your wanderlust. It is hard to get around in Laos and I would say the cost of living is actually higher in Laos if you are trying to live like a foreigner cause everything that we westeners enjoy everyday and take for granted isn't so abundant in Laos. Take for example wifi and 7Eleven. I have experience in both Bangkok and Vientiane but I grew up in the west so I'm telling you from my perspective. Vientiane is a nice place to visit but not live.

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