Seeking much needed advice for my friend

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Seeking much needed advice for my friend

Postby Monners » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:07 pm

Hello i joined this site as im trying to help my friend who is in a relationship with a lady from Laos . Tjey have been together nearly 1 yr . He has been to her house in Lao 2 times and met het in Thailand at least twice . They were
Recently refused holiday visa to come to UK twice . Paperwork was submitted in bkk Thailand . UK immigration did not believe my friends g/f would return to Laos after visa expires .
What are there options ? Seems to me they have to now get martied and apply for spouse visa or the visa where they can marry when she is here .
Next question Has anyone recently married in Lao ? Easy or not ? Would it be easier to marry in Thailand ? Then register marriage in Lao ?
Any advice would be much appreciated . Thank you .

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