Monthly news recap, July, 2014

Keep up with the news and headlines from Laos.
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Monthly news recap, July, 2014

Postby brinch » Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:15 pm

Here are the news from July 2014 making headlines in Laos:

New tourist complex in Laos expected to complete in 2020 - In the Vientianne Area a grand new tourist complex with 5-star hotel, golf court, shopping centre, Disneyland Park and more will start construction next month (August, 2014). It is expected to become the biggest tourist site of ASEAN in Laos when it's finshed in year 2020. Read more

Funding needed for UXO Lao - More money is needed to ensure continued clearance of UXO in Luang Prabang and two other provinces. To keep up the pace at least 20,000 ha must cleared each year. Read more

Population up 218% since 1960 - The Lao population is now at a record high of 6.8 million people in 2013. The population has increased 218% since 1960, which is more than both Cambodia and Vietnam. Read more
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