Danish prince visits Laos

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Danish prince visits Laos

Postby brinch » Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:16 pm

The prince of Denmark, Prince Joachim, has just returned from a 10 day trip to Laos. Asked in a TV interview on Danish TV, what he remembers best about the trip, he says, "staying overnight with the locals in a village. It is always amazing that the people who don't have much to share, are the ones that give most".

He continued: "The Lao people live a life, where there is no time to take care of guests. Daily life in Laos is hard, and the daily routines are the same from day to day".

Prince Joachim is protector of the organization CARE Denmark, and his trip to Laos was all about helping poor farmers adapt to climate changes with education and money donations. As part of CARE's engagement in better working conditions and equal rights for women, the prince visited a Danish factory in Laos, which had just introduced a health program for it employees.

Have a look at the video and see more about prince Joachim's trip to Laos. It's unfortunately in Danish, but you might get something out of it anyway :-)

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